Sustainability at Kassiopeia Hotels & Restaurants

Kassiopeia Hotels & Restaurants is a Finnish hospitality company that offers high-quality hotel, restaurant, and conference services in Levi and Espoo.

The way we operate has an impact on the environment and the well-being of people. Therefore, it is our mission to continually develop more responsible and sustainable ways to provide services and experiences to our customers. We understand that being sustainable involves continuous learning and development, whether it is about ecological, economic, or socio-cultural responsibility. Our goal is to provide responsibly and sustainably produced services and experiences in collaboration with our partners and customers.

Environmental Responsibility

We strive to reduce food waste primarily through careful planning. Surplus food is sold through services like ResQ Club to minimize wastage.

We prefer repairing over replacing.

Almost all the chemicals we use are environmentally friendly and have the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

We use renewable energy whenever possible. Our hotel rooms’ lighting is controlled by key cards, and we employ motion sensor lighting to conserve energy. Moreover, we offer charging stations for electric vehicles at our hotels.

the Nordic Swan Ecolabel

Social responsibility

Our dedicated and skilled staff are the cornerstone of our success. We regularly conduct employee satisfaction surveys, actively addressing any concerns or challenges raised, with a commitment to enhancing our operations based on feedback. Our work environment is considerate, equal, and fair. We acknowledge and reward good performance through our Well-Done awards.

Ensuring the safety of both our customers and staff is important. We provide annual safety training for our employees and undergo regular inspections by authorities. Our staff is trained in information security awareness.

We actively engage in supporting local hobbies and activities. In Espoo, we support children and youth sports teams, and in Kittilä, we contribute to the establishment of a dog hall. In Levi, we've provided space for the Samiland exhibition, coordinated by Ante Aikio. The exhibition delves into the rich history, culture, and mythology of the Sámi people, over thousands of years.

We also prioritize the use of local services and products.

Financial and administrative responsibility

As a domestic company, we are proud to contribute to the Finnish economy by paying taxes in our home country. Fostering domestic tourism and, in turn, creating job opportunities is a matter of pride for us.

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