Hotel K5 Levi and Hotel Levi Panorama together with Event Centre Levi Summit  form one of a kind facilities for holidays, meetings and parties. When opened in the fall of 2020, Hotel Matts with its seven floors will expand accommodation services of Espoo.

Due to currect circumstances Hotel Levi Panorama is closed for the time being. Hotel K5 Levi and K5 Villas are available all summer and autumn!




Special needs

Hotel K5 Levi

Open mapKätkänrannantie 2, 99130 Levi

-Opens 1.7.2020-
Situated nearly in the centre of the Levi fell village, Hotel K5 offers cozy comfort for your visit.

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K5 Villas

Open mapKätkänrannantie 2, 99130 Levi

The popular K5 Villas are located in between Levi and Kätkä fells in a peaceful surrounding, although a walking distance from the Levi village center. The Villas are also available as timeshares.

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Hotel Levi Panorama

Open mapTunturitie 205, 99130 Levi

-Closed for the time being-
A high standard hotel nestled on the hillside of the Levi Fell.
Comfortable rooms are complemented by versatile services including restaurants, bars and a cinema.

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Levi Chalets

Open mapTunturutie 205, 99130 Sirkka

The well-equipped apartments are finished to a high standard. Levi Chalet apartments are located in connection with Hotel Levi Panorama.

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Hotel Matts

Open mapTynnyritie 1, 02230 Espoo

-Opening in the end of 2020-
Hotel Matts charms with Scandinavian style and great location. There are room options from single traveller to larger groups.

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