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Latest news and updates from Kassiopeia Hotels & Restaurants

Welcome to read about our latest news! You can also read about the safety measures in our hotels and restaurants here.

Restaurant Seurasaari’s Kruunu will open on April 30
Restaurant Seurasaari’s Kruunu invites you to enjoy Helsinki’s spring seascape! The restaurant will first cater for groups by reservations. Our café is open on weekends in May and from 26 May onward both Restaurant and Café are open every day of the week.
In the nature-friendly Seurasaari, you will spend an unforgettable wedding in the magic of midsummer! We also offer a wonderful setting for meetings in the beautiful archipelago landscape.
Ravintola Seurasaaren Kruunu Helsingin Seurasaaressa.


Restaurant Freja’s Saturday Brunch

Have a tasty Saturday with friends or family at Freja’s delicious brunch!




Cafe Seurasaaren Kruunu opens 1st of May! The cafe serves delicious sweet and salty treats as well as hot & cold drinks in Seurasaari Helsinki. You can sit inside or on the terrace with a view to the sea.

Historiallinen ravintola-kahvila Seurasaaren Kruunu sijaitsee Helsingin Seurasaaressa.



The Espoo-based restaurants of ours are opening again! The seaside cafe Nokkalan Majakka, lunch restaurant Knitter and restaurant Freja are opening normally:

  • Nokkalan Majakka is open daily (Mon-Fri 11-19, Sat-Sun 10-19) and Nokkala Ice Cream Shop on weekends if the weather permits.
  • New restaurant Freja offers lunch on weekdays 11-15 from Wed 21.4.
  • Lunch restaurant Knitter opens Thurs 22.4.


Our Levi hotels Hotel Levi Panorama and Hotel K5 Levi with all the restaurant services will close temporarily after the winter season. Hotel K5 Levi is open until the 11th of April and Hotel Levi Panorama until the 18th of April. The scenic hotel Levi Panorama will be open again in June and welcomes travelers to admire the Lappish summer.

Maisemahotelli Levi Panoraman sijainti on upea ja rauhallinen keskellä Lapin taikaa.


Happy Easter! Our hotels in Levi, Hotel Levi Panorama, and Hotel K5 Levi are open normally as well as Espoo’s Hotel Matts’ apartments. Seaside cafe Nokkalan Majakka in Espoo and restaurant Panorama in Levi are open for takeout food daily.



All of our restaurants are closed temporarily due to Covid-19 restrictions. Espoo’s cafe-restaurant Nokkalan Majakka is open for take-out meals daily from 11 to 6 pm as well as Hotel Levi Panorama’s restaurant Panorama. Hotel K5 Levi will close on the 11th of April, Hotel Levi Panorama stays open as well as Hotel Matts’ apartments are available. We will inform when we can open the restaurants again.

Nokkalan Majakan salaatit ja muut menun herkut voi tilata nyt helposti verkkokaupasta.


Cafe Seurasaaren Kruunu has opened! The cafe is open on the weekends Sat-Sun from 11 am to 5 pm serving sweet and savory treats and hot & cold drinks. Welcome!

Kahvila Seurasaaren Kruunu toimii historiallisessa rakennuksessa luonnonläheisessä Seurasaaressa Helsingissä.


Our new Espoo-based hotel, Hotel Matts has opened! The furnished apartments are now available and the hotel rooms will be available for booking from the 12th of April forward.

Uusi moderni Hotel Matts aukeaa Marinkylään Espooseen keväällä 2021.


Valentine’s Day is soon here! You can spent Valentine’s Day for examble in Espoo, seaside cafe Nokkalan Majakka has great offers all day and our new restaurant Freja serves Valentine’s Day brunch on 14th of Feb from 10.30 am to 4 pm.

Want to give someone for Valentine´s Day gift? Our gift card shop is open 24/7 online and has many different gift cards.

Visit our gift card shop here.

Ystävänpäivälahjaksi voi antaa vaikkapa klo viiden teen lahjakortin!



New restaurant Freja opens in Espoo Matinkylä on 8th of February 2021! The new restaurant is located in the ground floor of Hotel Matts. Freja will serve lunch on weekdays and à la carte from Monday to Saturday.

Learn more about Freja here.


Our cafes and restaurants are open normally in Epiphany! Enjoy a moment at seaside café Nokkalan Majakka or scenery café Spiella or restaurants Panorama or Bistro K5.


Christmas holidays and New Year is getting closer! Our restaurants have some changes with opening hours during this time:

Seaside café Nokkalan Majakka is closed 24.-25.12. and open normally from 26th of Dec forward. The Espoo based cafe serves fondue dinners on New Years’ Eve and Day.

Lunch restaurant Knitter lounas & catering is closed from 21st of Dec to 8th of Jan 2021. Lunch is served normally again from the 11th of Jan forward in Kilo, Espoo.

Our hotels and restaurants in Levi are open normally during Christmas and New Years. There’s still vacancy both in scenic hotel Levi Panoramana and Hotel K5 Levi during New Years’ and in January.

Happy Christmas time and New Year of 2021! Stay safe.


Kassiopeia toivottaa hyvää joulua ja onnelista uutta vuotta 2021!



Our new hotel’s, Hotel Matts apartments are available for booking from 19th of February! The exclusive opening offers are now available, holidays in apartments from 99 €/night.

Read more about the offer here.


Our hotels in Levi open again! Hotel K5 Levi, located near the Levi village center opens 18th of November and the scenic hotel Levi Panorama on the 23rd of November.


The popular Five o’clock tea is available also on Thursdays in Nokkalan Majakka! The tea and sweet and savory assortment is served by the sea every Wednesday and Thursday.
Read more here and book your table. 


Both of our restaurants in Jätkäsaari, Helsinki have been closed permanently. Vessel Bistro and Vessel Burger opened in 2018 and served as local restaurants. Seaside cafe Nokkalan Majakka and lunch restaurant Knitter


We have reduced the seats in our restaurants by half now. Our staff also wears protective masks and plastic gloves.

Read more about the safety measures here.

Turvallisuus on meille tärkeää, kuvassa Nokkalan Majakan tarjoilija suojamaskissaan.


We now accept MobilePay as payment in our restaurants which are open! We have also made it easier to order take out food: Bestorante is a new food ordering platform which we use in Vessel Bistro in Jätkäsaari now.

Learn about Bestorante and order take out food here.

Jätkäsaaren ravintola Vessel Bistron annokset saa tilattua helposti myös mukaan.


Hotel K5 Levi’s new website is now open. The new homepage consists of more specific information about the hotel, K5 Villas apartments and the hotel’s services such as restaurants.

Visit Hotel K5 Levi’s new website here.


To visit Lapland in autumn time is something you should have on your bucket list! See the autumn foliage and experience the amazing Northern Lights with us in Levi! Our Hotel K5 Levi, K5 Villas and Levi Chalets have great accommodation offers:

Check the Autumn Nights offer

Ruskamaisema Levillä on koettavissa Kassiopeia Hotels & Restaurants kanssa.


The opening hours of our restaurants have been updated, Nokkala Ice Cream Shop closed and scenic cafe Spiella has opened in Levi. See the new opening hours:

Nokkalan Majakka homepage.

Seurasaaren Kruunu’s homepage.

Spiella Cafe’s homepage.

Knitter lunch restaurant’s homepage.

Maisemakahvila Spiella Levillä on avoinna syksyllä 2020.


Our new hotel Hotel Matts’ construction work is almost finished. The hotel and restaurant Freja is supposed to open late this year. The rooms and apartments are available for booking already from Matts’ homepage!

Visit Hotel Matts’ homepage and book your stay!


Nokkala Ice Cream Shops opening hours have changed. The Ice Cream Shop is now open from 4 pm to 8 pm on weekdays and from 12 am to 8 pm on the weekends.


We are opening our lunch restaurant Knitter lunch & catering on the 10th of August. Knitter serves lunch on weekdays from 10.30 am to 1.30 pm from that day forward. The catering service is available all year round.


As the pandemic eases, we open more restaurants in Helsinki and Levi! Our restaurant Bistro K5, in Levi, opens on July 1. You can enjoy delicious meals every day from breakfast time until late dinners. Vessel Bistro & summer terrace in Helsinki opens on July 8. Vessel Bistro celebrates the opening by launching a new and fresh summer menu. We warmly welcome you to enjoy the summer in our cosy bistros!


Happy Midsummer! Café-restaurant Nokkalan Majakka in Espoo and café-restaurant Seurasaaren Kruunu are open the whole Midsummer weekend. Today 18th of June we celebrate Seurasaaren Kruunu’s new dock for guests arriving by boat. The dock’s opening celebrations start at 5 pm.


Small and inviting Hotel K5 Levi in Levi, Lapland opens again on the 1st of July 2020. Learn more about the hotel and the courtyard’s K5 Villas -apartments.

Pieni ja kodikas Hotel K5 Levi ja hotellin ravintola Bistro K5 aukeavat 1.7.2020.


Historical café-restaurant Seurasaaren Kruunu, seaside café-restaurant Nokkalan Majakka and Nokkala Ice Cream Shop are open daily. Seurasaaren Kruunu and Nokkalan Majakka serve cafeteria products and food & beverages.



Historical café-restaurant Seurasaaren Kruunu opens 15th of May in Helsinki. The café is open Wednesday to Sunday 12-18 for takeaway.



Seaside café-restaurant Nokkala Majakka opens for takeaway in 9th of May 2020. The café is open daily from 12 am to 6 pm serving cafeteria products, food and drinks. See the takeaway food menu from Nokkalan Majakka’s homepage.

Merenrantakahvila Nokkalan Majakka tarjoaa syötävää ja juotavaa myös take away muodossa.


Due to current circumstances, all of our hotels and restaurants remain closed. However, we are happy to inform that Nokkala Ice Cream Shop is open now daily. The ice cream shop is located seaside in Matinkylä, Espoo.



Due to current circumstances, all our functions in Levi are closed for the time being. We will inform as soon as possible when it is safe to open our hotels and restaurants again.




All the countries are now classed as epidemic regions, the virus has reached the pandemic stage. 

We are following any updates closely and will make updates to these guidelines when there are changes. Our staff is doing everything to fight back. We have increased and bettered our cleaning intervals and disinfection and our staff are taking even more care of hygiene. All our facilities have places to wash your hands and our staff is happy to help and instruct you if need be.  

General information: 

We kindly ask you to follow the guidelines set by the authorities: 

· Take good care of hand hygiene

· If you or your child have any of the typical symptoms of coronavirus: sore throat, fever and difficulty of breathing. Also, headaches and muscle pains can be possible symptoms, we urge you to stay at home. Get in touch by phone with your local health centre and follow their instructions  

· It is important that anyone who is sick stays at home and avoids social contact. This way we can slow down the spread of the virus.

Cancellations in our hotels 

Our Levi hotels, Hotel Levi Panorama and Hotel K5 Levi have taken into use a new set of terms and cancellation policy concerning restrictions during the Covid-19 outbreak. Read more about travel restrictions regarding the coronavirus from.

On following and informing 

Kassiopeia Hotels & Restaurants is following any updates closely and will inform of any changes. 

We urge everyone to follow closely the recommendations and information from the Finnish government and Finnish institute for health and welfare.

We are also following any updates closely and will inform of any changes. 

Our whole company are doing our best to produce our customers a safe experience at our hotels and restaurants. We hope you can continue to eat at our restaurants and stay in our hotels safely now and in the future. 


Best Regards, 

Kassiopeia Hotels & Restaurants