The Nordic Swan Ecolabel as a Part of Our Sustainability Efforts

All of Kassiopeia’s hotels and nearly all of its restaurants have earned the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. The label is part of our daily sustainability efforts!

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel has been awarded to the following hotels and restaurants:

Hotel Levi Panorama ja hotel’s restaurants
Hotel K5 Levi ja Restaurant Kätkä
Levi Summit ja Cafe Spiella
Hotel Matts ja Restaurant Freja
Nokkalan Majakka



The Nordic Swan Ecolabel

We operate with respect for the environment

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel has several criteria that support us in operating with respect for the environment. Each hotel and restaurant must independently meet strict requirements to receive the label. In our Nordic Swan Ecolabel-certified facilities:

• Waste is sorted, and its quantity is minimized.
• The restaurant offers a variety of vegetarian and organic options.
• Environmental certification is prioritized in procurement.
• The hotel has low energy and water consumption.
• Staff is trained on environmental matters.

Tips for a Responsible Stay at Our Hotel