Tips for a Responsible Hotel Visit

Our customers have the opportunity to influence the sustainability of their visit through their choices and actions. We have compiled a list of tips for a responsible visit in collaboration with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

Welcome to our hotels and restaurants!

1. Lights and Devices

By turning off unnecessary lights and devices, you save energy.

The lighting in our hotel rooms is controlled by key cards. Please take your key card with you when you leave the room.

2. Water

Enjoy our fresh drinkable tap water and use water only as needed.

3. Recycling

In our rooms, there is a recycling option for waste, please make use of it.

You can leave bottles, cans, and magazines on the table to help us sorting. Used batteries can be brought to the reception.

4. Food

Our food is too good to be wasted, so please take only what you can eat!

We also offer a variety of organic and Fair Trade products, as well as excellent vegetarian options.

5. Getting Around

Give your car a day off. Prefer public transportation or put your feet to work!

You can ask at the reception about borrowing or renting bikes and get tips for the best routes.

6. Disposable Products

There are no disposable products in our rooms. If you need items such as a toothbrush, razor blade, or comb, you can request them at the reception.

7. Room cleaning

If you do not need cleaning, you can leave the "Do Not Disturb" sign outside the door to inform us.

If you stay longer, consider using the same towel for multiple days. Leave the towel on the bathroom floor if you wish to have it changed during cleaning.


the Nordic Swan Ecolabel