Let’s stay safe

Keeping our guests safe during Covid-19 pandemic is our priority. To minimize the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19), Kassiopeia Hotels & Restaurants has taken the following measures to ensure the safety or our guests and staff. We carefully follow the recommendations, guidelines and regulations of Finnish health authorities and update our policies and procedures accordingly.


Cleaning and hygiene

  • The cleaning of public areas and hotel rooms has been enhanced. All surfaces that are frequently touched (e.g. table tops, door handles, elevator buttons) are cleaned thoroughly and frequently
  • Hand sanitizer is available in key areas, e.g. in hotel receptions, entrances, hotel lobbies and restaurants
  • We wash our hands and use hand sanitizer more frequently


Hotel receptions

  • Protective plexiglass screens are placed in receptions
  • Keycards are disinfected after use
  • We recommend contactless payment with a card


Restaurants and cafes

  • Protective plexiglass screens are placed at cashier desks
  • We have placed tables further apart
  • Our guests are given a possibility to use disposable gloves when meals are served from a buffet table
  • We recommend contactless payment with a card
  • Our staff wears protective masks and plastic gloves
  • Only half of the seats are in use
  • There are markers placed on the floors to remind of social distancing while queuing


Conference rooms and meetings

  • Tables are positioned further apart
  • Larger meeting rooms are assigned to groups to allow social distancing


Please, do not visit us if you have symptoms

Safety and well being or our guests and staff is important to us, please don’t arrive at our hotels or restaurants if you have symptoms. Our staff is not allowed to arrive to shift if they have symptoms.